AM Supporting Resources

Regardless of how involved, or not, you want to get, there are some resources that you need and will come in handy if you decide that you want to expand your returns.

More effective than just advertising an offer is to have your website that will serve as a storefront for multiple offers that your customers can pick.  You will need a good web hosting service and the tools to edit and test your page:


If you want to maximize your profit you want to make sure to get as many potential customers as possible to be able to mail them your offers. To do that you need to generate traffic, and these resources will help you with that.

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To send out your email campaigns you want an automated emailing system.  There are quite a few in the market, offering various features.  But we recommend Aweber, which is the system we use, it is very user friendly and totally scalable, which is very important as your mailing list grows.


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