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Make Money Online

The current situation worldwide has made many people stay home, either forcefully or voluntarily. In some cases that has meant a loss of income, for others is just a disruption of their social patterns.

Either way, crisis breeds opportunity. In this case we’re talking about how you can make the most of your time locked in to improve your life, or your financial situation. I have researched different money-making opportunities online, and will gladly share my findings with you here.

There are different ways to get that additional income. There is what is called passive income, which means that you earn money with little or no additional effort, and also traditional income that comes as a reward for goods or services provided. There are ways to get both types of income online, as we’ll see in future articles.

Can you work online? Definitely! You probably already have the skills that someone else is needing, and they are willing to pay for them. The internet has made FREELANCING easier than ever, if your skills can be delivered online you probably can find a place to sell them.

There are sites for translators, transcribers, digital graphic designers, and so on. And then there is FIVERR where you can just offer your services in many different categories and get contacted to do small jobs online.

With the current Corona virus crisis, there is a lot of clerical work being outsourced to freelancers that can do the work from home. All you need in most cases is a computer and an internet connection. You’ll need to get some training or commit to a certain minimum weekly work hour, there are many options depending on your personal goals.

One important consideration when you look up work from home opportunities is to avoid being scammed. You should not be asked to pay to join any employment website. Make sure all the financial details of your “employment” are laid out clearly before you start doing any work.

Do not send private passwords or bank details that could be used to access your accounts.

Here are some sites I have found and can recommend if you want to earn some money while you wait for better times.

Transcription / Translation REV TranscribeMe!

Data Entry Clickworker TheSmartCrowd

Virtual Assistants VirtualAssistantJobs

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